Wiltshire Golf

Wiltshire Golf Men's County Championship 2018

Sunday 20th May 2018, White Tees, High Post

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 71TotalPar
1st Tom Law Broome Manor Golf Club 6969138-2
2nd Paul McMullen Broome Manor Golf Club 7565140LEVEL
3rd Tom Stagg Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 7666142+2
3rd James Cooper Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7369142+2
3rd Lewis Phillips Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7270142+2
6th Tom Ruddle Broome Manor Golf Club 7370143+3
6th Paul J Sandry Broome Manor Golf Club 7370143+3
8th M Snape Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7272144+4
9th Max Wrixon Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7174145+5
9th Max Drayton Broome Manor Golf Club 6976145+5
9th Michael Cox Broome Manor Golf Club 6877145+5
12th Rory Cameron Upavon Golf Club 7571146+6
12th Joe Retford Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7472146+6
12th Danny Clayton Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7373146+6
12th Ben J Law Broome Manor Golf Club 7373146+6
12th James Black Erlestoke Golf Club 7274146+6
17th Oliver moss Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 7671147+7
17th Garry Slade Bowood Golf & Country Club 7671147+7
17th Simon Futcher Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7473147+7
17th Mike White West Wilts Golf Club 7077147+7
21st Jack Bright Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8068148+8
21st Freddie Titcombe Broome Manor Golf Club 7870148+8
21st Alistair James Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7375148+8
21st Steve E Ballard Broome Manor Golf Club 7276148+8
25th Paul Matthews Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7574149+9
25th Matthew Redgrave Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7376149+9
25th Joel Frost South Cerney 7178149+9
28th Kerry Roberta Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7377150+10
29th Roger Searle High Post Golf Club 7972151+11
29th Joshua Plaister Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7675151+11
29th Stuart Hawkins Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7576151+11
29th Guy Drayton Broome Manor Golf Club 7477151+11
33rd David Lewis Marlborough Golf Club 7181152+12
34th Matthew Hibbs Broome Manor Golf Club 7776153+13
34th Jay Kitching Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7776153+13
34th Jamie Goult Kingsdown Golf Club 7677153+13
34th Jamie Cooper Bowood Golf & Country Club 7578153+13
34th David Bauer Marlborough Golf Club 7578153+13
39th Darren Robison Broome Manor Golf Club 8074154+14
39th Jez Tomlinson Marlborough Golf Club 7579154+14
39th Thomas Scullion Upavon Golf Club 7381154+14
42nd Alex Ballard Marlborough Golf Club 7877155+15
42nd Iain Quigley Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 7778155+15
42nd Chris Hiscock Chippenham Golf Club 7778155+15
42nd Adam Jelley Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7382155+15
46th Kevin Arthur High Post Golf Club 8076156+16
46th Alistair Clark High Post Golf Club 7878156+16
46th Neil Black Erlestoke Golf Club 7779156+16
46th Sam Ruddle Broome Manor Golf Club 7779156+16
46th Matt Simpkins Broome Manor Golf Club 7779156+16
51st Andres Gomez-Williams Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8374157+17
51st Graeme Wright The Wiltshire Golf & Country Club 7681157+17
51st Scott D Ward Broome Manor Golf Club 7681157+17
54th Sam Plumb Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 8177158+18
54th Daniel Pulham Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7979158+18
54th Andrew Kimber Marlborough Golf Club 7583158+18
57th Scott Brown Bowood Golf & Country Club 7980159+19
58th Simon Davis High Post Golf Club 7883161+21
59th Andy Hankin Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 8577162+22
59th Ian Hunt High Post Golf Club 7983162+22
61st Oliver Stocks Kingsdown Golf Club 8283165+25
61st Kayne Falconer High Post Golf Club 8085165+25
63rd Scott Talbert Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8185166+26
63rd Neal Austin High Post Golf Club 8086166+26
65th Tom Finney Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8879167+27
66th Joseph Henry High Post Golf Club 8687173+33
67th Dominic Gowland Broome Manor Golf Club 84NR  
68th Gavin Cooley High Post Golf Club 86NR  
69th Josh Belcher Cumberwell Park Golf Club 79NR  
70th Andy Higham Cumberwell Park Golf Club 80NR  
71st Luke Gorman Bowood Golf & Country Club 79NR  
72nd Dom Baverstock-Seaman Marlborough Golf Club 76NR  

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