Wiltshire Golf

Wiltshire Ladies County Championship (Divisional)

Saturday 1st June 2019, Red Tees, Marlborough

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 74R2 CSS 73TotalPar
1st Sarah GEE West Wilts Golf Club (0)7772149+5
2nd Portia Abbott Kingsdown Golf Club (5)7778155+11
3rd Katie Walls Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club (6)8577162+18
4th Ashleigh Thorne Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club (5)8479163+19
5th Courtney Boyes The Wiltshire Golf & Country Club (6)8283165+21
6th Jess Hays Cumberwell Park Golf Club (4)8284166+22
7th Karen Gosling Marlborough Golf Club (6)8781168+24
8th Tracey Scully Bowood Golf & Country Club (7)8586171+27
9th Karen Banbrook Marlborough Golf Club (10)8488172+28
10th Gill Loughrey Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club (4)9281173+29
11th Sarah North Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club (11)9085175+31
12th Katie Dove-Medows Kingsdown Golf Club (6)8887175+31
13th Linda Scrace High Post Golf Club (9)8987176+32
14th Alexandra Patton Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe (3)9187178+34
15th Seona Mauchline High Post Golf Club (5)8890178+34
16th Alex Scott Marlborough Golf Club (18)9287179+35
17th Rebecca Miles Ogbourne Downs Golf Club (11)9189180+36
18th Hattie Dunn Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club (12)9487181+37
19th Jennifer Almond Marlborough Golf Club (18)9091181+37
20th Rosie McGrane Tidworth Garrison Golf Club (11)9390183+39
21st Camila Davies Kingsdown Golf Club (9)9390183+39
22nd Samantha P Masters Broome Manor Golf Club (6)9192183+39
23rd Natasha Chapman Marlborough Golf Club (10)9192183+39
24th Sue Lyons Marlborough Golf Club (13)9490184+40
25th Natalie Condon Marlborough Golf Club (14)9392185+41
26th Amanda Coulthard Marlborough Golf Club (15)8897185+41
27th Isobel Henry Marlborough Golf Club (14)9394187+43
28th Miss Danielle A Binder Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe (13)9099189+45
29th Sammy Walls Broome Manor Golf Club (7)9595190+46
30th Maya Fitzgerald Bowood Golf & Country Club (17)9595190+46
31st Carol Main Chippenham Golf Club (11)9794191+47
32nd Sally Huffam Hamptworth Golf & Country Club (11)95100195+51
33rd Amanda Cooper Marlborough Golf Club (19)10396199+55
34th Dr Jennifer Duggal Hamptworth Golf & Country Club (18)10496200+56
35th Amanda Milton Marlborough Golf Club (18)97104201+57
36th Amelia Tester Ogbourne Downs Golf Club (21)101107208+64
37th Monique Hayes Marlborough Golf Club (23)108108216+72
38th Tuppence Hale Chippenham Golf Club (9)96NR  
39th Lynn Thornton Kingsdown Golf Club (24)107NR  
40th Laura Curtis Cumberwell Park Golf Club (6)8989+17

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