Wiltshire Golf

County Championship 2016

Sunday 15th May 2016, White Tees, Marlborough

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 73R2 CSS 72TotalPar
1st Ben Amor Marlborough Golf Club 6965134-10
2nd Jamie Amor Marlborough Golf Club 7369142-2
3rd Jake Bolton Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7172143-1
4th Charlie Dunn West Wilts Golf Club 7272144LEVEL
5th Paul McMullen Broome Manor Golf Club 7471145+1
5th Luke Gorman Bowood Golf & Country Club 7471145+1
5th Tom Law Broome Manor Golf Club 7174145+1
8th Simon Futcher Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7274146+2
9th Dom Baverstock-Seaman Marlborough Golf Club 7375148+4
9th Jon Sutherland Saunton Golf Club 7375148+4
9th J Charman North Wilts Golf Club 7276148+4
12th Jack Seaman Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7772149+5
12th Oliver Jeans Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7475149+5
14th Max Cheesley Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7476150+6
14th Jez Tomlinson 7377150+6
14th Garry Slade Bowood Golf & Country Club 7278150+6
17th James A Wiltshire Broome Manor Golf Club 7675151+7
17th Scott D Ward Broome Manor Golf Club 7675151+7
17th Jaques Hugo Bowood Golf & Country Club 7675151+7
17th Sarah GEE West Wilts Golf Club 77151+7
17th Tom Stagg Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 7477151+7
22nd daniel lyons 8171152+8
22nd Tom Ruddle Broome Manor Golf Club 8171152+8
22nd Daniel Pulham Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7775152+8
22nd casey bean 7280152+8
26th Alexandra Patton Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe 72153+9
26th Max Mulcock 8073153+9
26th Jay Kitching Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 7776153+9
26th Richard Smart Kingsdown Golf Club 7776153+9
26th James Cooper Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7578153+9
26th Jamie Cooper Bowood Golf & Country Club 7281153+9
32nd Jamie Goult Kingsdown Golf Club 8173154+10
32nd Alistair James Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7876154+10
32nd Miles Mackman Broome Manor Golf Club 7678154+10
35th George Elliott High Post Golf Club 8273155+11
35th T Edwards North Wilts Golf Club 8174155+11
35th Luke Ayrton Cumberwell Park Golf Club 7877155+11
35th Joshua Grobler Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe 7679155+11
39th Connor Hibbs Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe 8374157+13
39th Jo Terry Ferndown Forest Golf Club 75157+13
41st Michael Cox Broome Manor Golf Club 7979158+14
41st B Sawyer North Wilts Golf Club 7682158+14
43rd Steve Tilley Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 8178159+15
44th Jonathan Brien Broome Manor Golf Club 8378161+17
44th Andrew Bethwaite Ogbourne Downs Golf Club 8279161+17
44th Steve E Ballard Broome Manor Golf Club 8081161+17
44th Alex Jefferies Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 7982161+17
44th Max Drayton Broome Manor Golf Club 7883161+17
49th David Lewis Marlborough Golf Club 8379162+18
49th David Bauer 8181162+18
49th Justin Whitehouse Marlborough Golf Club 8082162+18
49th Stuart Anderson High Post Golf Club 7983162+18
53rd Alison Grandison Chippenham Golf Club 81163+19
53rd Mark Keevil 8083163+19
53rd Seb Tellwright 7885163+19
56th Michael Browne High Post Golf Club 8678164+20
56th John Steele Broome Manor Golf Club 8678164+20
56th Paul Matthews Cumberwell Park Golf Club 8282164+20
59th Scott Brown Bowood Golf & Country Club 8679165+21
59th Roxy Roberts Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 84165+21
59th Michael R Hart Broome Manor Golf Club 8085165+21
59th Dan Woodley Chippenham Golf Club 8085165+21
63rd Matthew Davis Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8383166+22
64th Ross Loveridge Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8582167+23
64th Katie Dove-Medows Kingsdown Golf Club 84167+23
66th Simon Carter 8782169+25
66th William Doust Cumberwell Park Golf Club 8782169+25
66th James Webb Marlborough Golf Club 8485169+25
66th Seona Mauchline High Post Golf Club 86169+25
70th Jamie cordery 9080170+26
70th Graeme Cooper Bowood Golf & Country Club 8783170+26
70th Karen Gosling Marlborough Golf Club 84170+26
70th Courtney Boyes The Wiltshire Golf & Country Club 86170+26
70th Adam Jelley Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club 8387170+26
75th Sarah Cheverton Cumberwell Park Golf Club 85171+27
75th Glen Challis Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club 8586171+27
75th Tong Lu Broome Manor Golf Club 8487171+27
78th Bridget Cartwright Upavon Golf Club 87175+31
79th Mark Bolton 8592177+33
80th Karen Sturges Tidworth Garrison Golf Club 90178+34
81st Sue Maslen Hamptworth Golf & Country Club 92180+36
81st Natasha Chapman Marlborough Golf Club 96180+36
83rd Tuppence Hale Chippenham Golf Club 84183+39
83rd Carol Main Chippenham Golf Club 91183+39
83rd Frank Prashad 9093183+39
86th Jan Scott Kingsdown Golf Club 97188+44
87th Linda Scrace High Post Golf Club 101191+47
88th Clare Lindsay Broome Manor Golf Club 96194+50
89th Susan Jacobs Hamptworth Golf & Country Club 97196+52
90th Marie Todd Hamptworth Golf & Country Club 108205+61
91st Paul Green 80NR  
92nd Sam Ruddle Broome Manor Golf Club 84DQ  
93rd Sally Huffam Hamptworth Golf & Country Club WD  

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