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WLCGA County Spring Meeting Start Sheet

Wednesday 19th April 2017 Red Tees , Marlborough Course

09:00Isobel Henry (14) Marlborough Golf ClubKate Bowers (16) Marlborough Golf ClubPauline Ruddick (13) Marlborough Golf Club
09:08Lynn Thornton (25) Kingsdown Golf ClubAnne Swindley (21) Kingsdown Golf ClubCarol Jones (15) Kingsdown Golf Club
09:16Denise Adlington (17) Kingsdown Golf ClubKate Vanstone (27) Whitley Golf ClubKaren Bryant (14) Whitley Golf Club
09:24Wendy Ducker (20) Ogbourne Downs Golf ClubChris Mitchell (18) Ogbourne Downs Golf ClubHazel Shewry (8) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club
09:32Natalie Condon (14) Marlborough Golf ClubGwen Stuart (16) Marlborough Golf ClubKaren Banbrook (9) Marlborough Golf Club
09:40Susan Gibson (23) Broome Manor Golf ClubJanet Rogers (28) Broome Manor Golf ClubArlene Curtis (30) Broome Manor Golf Club
09:48Irene Tomkinson (15) North Wilts Golf ClubLindsey Spooner (19) North Wilts Golf ClubKate Brown (18) North Wilts Golf Club
09:56Sara Bottomley (19) Upavon Golf ClubBrigitte Krstic (13) Upavon Golf ClubLorna Pearse (18) Upavon Golf Club
10:04Vicki Leigh (16) North Wilts Golf ClubAnnie James (13) North Wilts Golf ClubJenny Wright (16) North Wilts Golf Club
10:12Anne Fisher (14) Chippenham Golf ClubTuppence Hale (10) Chippenham Golf ClubTrudy Feltham (11) Chippenham Golf Club
10:20Ann Stradling (24) Upavon Golf ClubEmma Stradling (15) Upavon Golf Club 
10:28Helen Knee (31) Chippenham Golf ClubDee McCall (28) Chippenham Golf ClubMarlene Snelders (20) Chippenham Golf Club
10:36Jill Kee (22) Chippenham Golf ClubChristine Davis (24) Chippenham Golf ClubTracey Crowe (15) Chippenham Golf Club
10:44Judy Mussell (15) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubFiona Snape (13) Cumberwell Park Golf Club 
10:52Hilary Marsh (16) Chippenham Golf ClubStephanie Foreman (16) Chippenham Golf ClubHilary Cargill (13) Chippenham Golf Club
11:00Sue Warren (25) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubLinda Brown (14) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubSue Roberts (15) Cumberwell Park Golf Club
11:08Melanie Probert (12) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubFiona Thomas (21) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubJudith May (22) Cumberwell Park Golf Club
11:16Suzanne Carten (12) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubElizabeth Hobbs (15) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubSarah Cheverton (8) Cumberwell Park Golf Club
11:24Jan Scott (13) Kingsdown Golf ClubVal Mcfarlane (6) Kingsdown Golf ClubSue Dix (16) Kingsdown Golf Club
11:32Lynn Willgress (7) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubJackie Bartleet (10) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubKate Lush (13) Rushmore Golf Club
11:40Ruth Bridgwater (18) Chippenham Golf ClubPat Mitchell (25) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubMarusia Collins (26) Cumberwell Park Golf Club
11:48Karen Gosling (6) Marlborough Golf ClubNatasha Chapman (11) Marlborough Golf ClubClare Lindsay (19) Broome Manor Golf Club
11:56Lesley Hooper (18) Kingsdown Golf ClubLinda Hunter (16) Broome Manor Golf ClubShirley Hourigan (35) Chippenham Golf Club
12:04ANN VIGOR (24) Upavon Golf ClubSUE WALKER (25) Upavon Golf ClubCarolyn A Phillippo (20) Broome Manor Golf Club
12:12Alison Mills (34) Ogbourne Downs Golf ClubJanet Halliday-Strong (33) Ogbourne Downs Golf ClubSarah Hornsey (20) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club
12:20Dianne Nicholls (15) Manor House Golf Club at Castle CombeClare Homfray (15) Manor House Golf Club at Castle CombeRosie McGrane (7) Tidworth Garrison Golf Club
12:28Mia Law (12) Tidworth Garrison Golf ClubJanet Cox (20) Hamptworth Golf & Country ClubLynn Angel (22) Hamptworth Golf & Country Club
12:36Jacqui Stephens (18) Chippenham Golf ClubWin Jones (31) Chippenham Golf ClubJanie Sharpe (15) Chippenham Golf Club
12:44Gaynor Deacon (18) Broome Manor Golf ClubMarion James (18) Broome Manor Golf ClubLouise Stradling (9)
12:52Marion Skinner (7) High Post Golf ClubSharon Collins (11) High Post Golf ClubJill Carlisle (13) High Post Golf Club
13:00Ann Mckee (18) The Wiltshire Golf & Country ClubNicola Wilkins (19) The Wiltshire Golf & Country ClubMs Freddie Horridge (24) The Wiltshire Golf & Country Club
13:08Ann Smith (21) Salisbury & South Wilts Golf ClubJanet Small (27) Salisbury & South Wilts Golf ClubFelicity Pinder (27) Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club
13:16Karen Sturges (11) Tidworth Garrison Golf ClubTrish Manuel (15) Tidworth Garrison Golf ClubJane Burt (16) Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club
13:24Amanda Cooper (21) Marlborough Golf ClubRachel Moran (28) Marlborough Golf ClubSheila Hubie (16) Marlborough Golf Club
13:32Laura Curtis (4) Cumberwell Park Golf ClubOlivia Bannon (6) Broome Manor Golf ClubSeona Mauchline (5) High Post Golf Club
13:40Tracey Scully (5) Bowood Golf & Country ClubMargaret McLauchlan (15) Bowood Golf & Country ClubSally Huffam (12) Hamptworth Golf & Country Club
13:48Sue Tulloh (20) Marlborough Golf ClubSue Lyons (13) Marlborough Golf ClubAmanda Milton (19) Marlborough Golf Club

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