Ladies Handicap Knock Out 2023

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Handicap Index Maximum Limit -  up to 30 inclusive (no minimum handicap)

Players with H.I of over 30 can play but will play off the maximum HI of 30.

Round 1

Quarter final

Semi Final

to be played

on a Neutral Course

to be played at
High Post



Play from 1 April and

by 2 June  2023

Play by

7 July 2023

Play by

15 September 2023

To be played on


15th October 2023


Rushmore * *Rushmore Rushmore Rushmore CUMBERWELL
Kingsdown* Kingsdown
The Wiltshire
North Wilts* *North Wilts North  Wilts
West Wilts
Whitley* Whitley
Cumberwell* *Cumberwell Cumberwell Cumberwell

Salisbury and

South Wilts*

Sailsbury and

South Wilts

High Post
Marlborough* *Marlborough Marlborough
Ogbourne Down


Wrag Barn

  *Donates HOME draw
Winners, please advise your results as soon as possible after you have played your match (within 48 hours) to Maz Clifton

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