Wiltshire Golf Union (WCGU) was established in 1924  when the constituting Clubs were: Chippenham, Kingsdown, Marlborough, North Wilts – Chisledon (later named Swindon GC and now Ogbourne Downs), North Wilts – Devizes, South Wilts, West Wilts. Pewsey Vale Golf Club joined the County Union in June 1924 (a 9 hole course no longer in existence).  

Wiltshire Ladies Association (WLCGA) was formed even earlier, in 1910, and both organisations were formed to promote the welfare of the amateur game of golf in Wiltshire.

We are members of England Golf and a Voting member from both WCGU and WLCGA attend General Meetings of the National Governing Body.

Principal activities at National and County level include:

Organising championships for all age groups and a wide range of handicaps

Coaching and nurturing young talent and helping to launch them on a career in golf

A wide range of support services from England Golf are made available to golf clubs to help with all aspects of successful operation

membership recruitment and retention including marketing and sharing of best practice

developing sound policies for safeguarding children, on equality and diversity, the DBS vetting of volunteers, disciplinary procedures and many other issues

funding of a network of Development Officers and the County Golf Partnerships

assessment of courses to assign a course rating using the USGA system ensuring worldwide consistency

maintenance of a central handicap database and administration of the CONGU handicapping system

advice on health and safety, HR and employment law, legal and tax issues

Support for club Junior Organisers, Handicap Secretaries and Competition Secretaries and answering a wide range of queries

Communication with golfers through publications and websites: the England Golf website, www.englandgolf.org and at County level through this website

We work through the Wiltshire Golf Partnership (which includes the PGA) to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to start to play the game and stay in golf

In Wiltshire, a County Card is available free to all club members that offers discounted green fees at most golf clubs throughout England

Wiltshire teams at adult, junior and senior levels, represent the County in Regional and National events including the Channel League and South West Championship Week and despite our small golfing population have become one of the most successful English counties.

Wiltshire’s achievements in recent years include:

South West Team Champions 2007, 08, 09, 11 and 12

South West Boys Team Champions 2014 and Strokeplay Champion James Wiltshire

English Team Champions 2011 and 2012

English Mid Amateur Champion, (the Logan Trophy) Tom Burley 2012

English Strokeplay Champion, (the Brabazon Trophy), Jordan Smith 2013, Ben Stow 2014

English Boys Strokeplay Champion, (the Carris Trophy), Ben Amor 2103

England International honours: Jordan Smith, Ben Stow, Ben Loughrey, Ben Amor