Ladies Foursomes Knock Out 2023

See Information Book for Rules and Information

Round 1 Quarter Final


(to be played
on neutral course)

Final Winners

Play   by  5 June 2023

Play by
17 July 2023

Play by
21 August 2023

Sunday 8 October

Cumberwell Park

*Debra Entwistle & Sara Maxfield *Debbie Entwistle & Sara Maxfield Debbie Entwistle & Sara Maxfield Debbie Entwistle & Sara Maxfield

Debbie Entwistle


Sara Maxfield

Anne Fisher & Carol Main
*Verity Manners & Amelia Tester Verity Manners & Amelia Tester
Dawn Hicketts & Pearl Penny
*Louise Flintoft & Kelly Leese *Louise Flintoft & Kelly Leese Louise Flintoff & Kelly Leese
Stephanie Foreman & Jane Rowell
*Monique Hayes & Alex Scott

Amanda Cooper & Sue Lyons

Amanda Cooper & Sue Lyons
*Bridget Cartwright and Lynn Chivers *Bridget Cartwright and Lynn Chivers  Bridget Cartwright & Lynn Chivers

Bridget Cartwright & Lynn


Jan Scott & Lynn Thornton
Karen Banbrook & Gwen Stuart Karen Banbrook & Gwen Stuart
Sara Bottomley & Wendy Brown *Sara Bottomley & Wendy Brown Sara Bottomley & Wendy Brown
Ruth Bridgwater & Jane Sharpe Ruth Bridgwater & Jane Sharpe
  *Donates HOME draw
Winners, please advise your results as soon as possible after you have played your match (within 48 hours) to Maz Clifton
Email :