Foursomes Knock Out 2021

Quarter Final

Semi Final
to be played
on Neutral Course

Wrag Barn


Play by 26 June 2021

Play by 14 August 2021

To be played on

10 October 2021

Amanda Cooper & Sue Lyons (Marlborough)*

*Amanda Cooper &

Sue Lyons

Amanda Cooper &

Sue Lyons

Anne Furguson & Jan Showler

Tuppence Hale & Jill Kee (Chippenham)

Gaynor Deacon & Rosemary Law (Broome Manor) *

Gaynor Deacon & Rosemary Law

Trish King & Sue Tulloh (Marlborough)

Sian Nickson & Heather Sayers (Broome Manor)*

Anne Furguson &

Jan Showler

Anne Furguson & Jan Showler

Anne Ferguson & Janet Showler (Ogbourne Downs)

Laura Jarman & Kelle Leese (Bowood)*

Karen Bannbrook &

Natalie Condon

Karen Banbrook & Natalie Condon (Marlborough)

Donates HOME draw
Winners, please advise your results as soon as possible after you have played your match,  to Maz Clifton email  

Home players to give their opponents at least three dates, one of which must be at a weekend, and one on a weekday, at reasonable intervals

Please see full rules in the 2021 Information Book on the Wiltshire Golf website