Welcome to Girls Golf in Wiltshire!

For further info on Junior Girls programme contact Scott TALBERT at  secretary@wiltshiregolf.org

  • Girls' Recruitment Process
  • Parental Consent Form (For Girls entering competitions and not accompanied by a parent/guardian/family member on the day.)
  • The structure for the girls begins with three DEVELOPMENT SQUADS. In 2022, each squad had 8-10 girls from 11 different clubs.

    As girls are few in Wiltshire and spread across many clubs, we encourage them to join us even before they have handicaps, and they form our D3 squad. Once they have started to enter cards for handicaps on red tees or achieve a high handicap index, they move to D2. Both these groups have been coming together for six half day training sessions between March and September.

    As handicaps get lower, girls move to D1, where they also take part in six half days of training and look to go to an Assessment Day for moving into the Elite Squad.

    In the Autumn and Winter months girls meet up for some fun events at various clubs across the county.

    Anyone interested should email june.poffley@yahoo.co.uk for further information.