World Handicapping System

Welcome to the Wolrd Handicapping System Update Page

The World Handicap System is expected to launch in November 2020. It is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the world.

We have added links below to provide you with information about the WHS and will add to these as more information becomes available.  There are various videos that you can watch to give you more information.

2 events were held for Handicap Chairs & Club Managers in February and March 2020.  Individual club information events for members will be held later in the year. Watch the website and your club newsletters for news of these events.

Please click here for some initial information as to what the World Handicapping System is about and how it will affect you. 

Useful Links

For link to England Golf information click here

For link to videos from England Golf March 2020  click here

For link to the WHS website click here 

For information from the R & A click here